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"E-max" Dehydration Units for Absolute Alcohol

Eliminate that last drop of water from spirit with our Absolute Alcohol Plants employing Molecular Sieve Dehydration Technology. Our fuel Ethanol Plants work on Pressure Swing Adsorption technique and employ crystalline, hydrated metal aluminosilicate adsorbent material with uniform pore diameter which is thermally stable at higher temperatures.

We offer various customized and cost effective options depending upon available steam pressures, waste energy integration, space availability and project schedules manufacturer and exporter of it.

Salient Features:

Design of molecular sieve drums and sieves quantity to produce Fuel Ethanol / Pharma Grade with 99.9% v/v purity

Schemes available for operating on low input Spirit Strengths as low as 90% v/v

Specially designed Absolute Alcohol Plants suitable to produce Pharma Grade Spirit

Low steam consumption with higher heat integration and low pressure steam

Options for standalone and integrated units with distillation process plants

Pre-assembled Skid Mounted Fuel Ethanol Plants also available


Production of High strength Fuel Ethanol with minimum 99.9% v/v concentration

Easy acceptance by oil companies and pharmaceutical industry due to less moisture

Low operating costs by 10% lower than present schemes

Quick project implementation and possibility of plant relocation with our skid mounted units

And whatever you would expect from A Global Technology Partner ...