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"E-max" Highly Efficient Fermentation Plants

Regreen Excel offer high Fermentation Plant process in sugary feedstock, a gran or a tuber

Be it a Sugary Feedstock, a Grain or a Tuber, we offer a wide range of highly efficient fermentation plants in India delivering maximum yields. Utilization of every molecule of your raw material to convert it into a valuable product is our aim. Our unmatched fermentation high efficiencies for all types of feedstock ensure best possible yields consistently. Module of Cellulosic feed stocks converter will also be added to our plants in future.

We also offer High gravity fermentation process targeting high alcohol percent in fermented wash to reduce on effluent spent wash generation and save on energy usage during distillation in India.

Every plant is designed considering available feedstocks and we offer a wide range of fermentation plants for­­

Sugary feedstock – including sugar cane juice, syrup and various grades of molasses

Grains – including corn, rice, sorghum, wheat, rye, triticale, oats and barley

Tubers – including cassava / tapioca, potato and sweet potato

Equipment Design Features

Salient Features:

Multi feedstock design options depending upon client's requirements & feed stock scenario

Rugged fully automated Feb Batch fermentation plants for better flexibility in operation

The process / technology provides flexibility to use either culture yeast slants or Commercially available Active Dry Yeast

High Fermentation efficiencies adopting high gravity fermentation technology.

Recycle of spent wash to minimize effluent generation and process water consumption


Maximum yield extraction from raw material with extra value for money

Minimum spent wash generation & Low process water consumption due to high gravity operation

Lower energy requirements by 10%

No dependency on culture yeast. Assurance of Higher Efficiency due to minimum use of sugar for yeast growth

And whatever you would expect from A Global Technology Partner ...